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Elements in Motion: Translating the Meaning of YHWH (YHVH), Jehovah, GOD

In the fourth and final paper in Voume 2 it was decided to look at the link between Irkutsk and the Mediterranean region. With the star map discovering a new Geoglyph Field in Russia, and the same star map identifying a link with religious centers in the Mediterranean and in the UK, the obvious option was to attempt a translation of the Hebrew Bible using Japanese. Continue reading

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The 14,000 Year Old Road Map

In the second paper of Volume 2 the use of the astronomical chart to locate settlements in Scotland is established. This paper is important as it proves, for the first time, that a single star chart (plotted to a specific angle and scale) was used to locate major religious centers. This coupled with previous wrk which shows the same star chart links Greek to Chinese Myths, and explains the layout of the Great Pyramids, proves beyond any shadow of doubt an ancient civilization could measure time (identify longitude) and knew the shape of the Earth. Continue reading

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Three Enclosures: A comparison between Chinese star Charts and the Cygnus Earth Map

In the first paper of Volume 2 the discovery is made that Greek and Chinese mythology may have the exact same origin. This is important, as previous studies have found no common link. The presence of a common source for these two important mythologies supports the contention that a global civilization traveled the world, a position first suggested by use of the star map to explain the Great Pyramids of Giza. Continue reading

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