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Analysis of the Giza Pyramid Star Map: A Search for Ancient Art and the Discovery of a New Geoglyph Field in Irkutsk, Russia

In Paper 3 the emphasis turned to locating art pieces. With the previous paper confirming that an ancient civilization knew the shape of the Earth, the argument presented here is that ancient artwork found around the world must also have a common origin. The data obtained appears to support this, Continue reading

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The Pyramids Solved Part 1: The Cygnus Star Map, The Giza Pyramids and their link to Scotland

Paper 2 in Volume 1 creates the theory that the Pyramids of Giza were built to align an ancient star map onto Earth. Continue reading

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Scotland and the Cygnus Constellation

Starting from a very basic investigation of some very boring, uninteresting land sites, what follows is an amazing series of discoveries that leads to a complete rewriting of the ancient past. In this paper there is no immediate breakthrough. There is no solid evidence to suggest the sites are anything other than slightly unusual natural formations. But the vague feeling that they might just be linked to a drawing of a star constellation prompts the initial attempt to test the distribution. These “uninteresting” sites, whether they are geoglyphs or not, are the Rosetta Stone that finally unlocked the secrets of the Pyramids. Continue reading

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