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  1. JANIS H says:

    There is no contact link on this page, and I have googled everywhere to see if I could find a bio for Derek Cunningham. The only thing that came up was an eye doctor. Can you provide me with this?


  2. suns says:

    Hi Derek et al,
    Looking on the mapping of the stars as locations of megalithic structures I was wondered what could be the purpose. Some are guessing that pyramids are the communication tools. Now lets try to imagine that they are used to beam the star they are matching. One beam is just a Earth-star connection. Now what if you want to re-translate the signal? Two pyramids shall focus own beams simultaneously to own stars. The network of such “antennas” could make an Earth (a communication,energy,etc.) hub.
    How the location and shift will fit into this theory?
    As stated in your articles the star mapping is not exact match to the sky map.

  3. Alen T. says:

    just read your book. what do you use for mapping? which software? also do you have any larger images of the maps than what is in the book?

    i do this more of as a hobby but wanted to use your theory to look at some ancient stories

    • dcunningham says:

      The map is based on an Equirectangular Mercator map.

      So that I could zoom in I took over 2000 higher resolution images and then combined them together.

  4. JR Bentley says:

    After a whole lot of interruptions and self determination to produce a substantial theory backed with substance… I made it here from Ancient Origins. lol

    Here’s the deal I cannot beat no matter what… The fact that every Glacial in the last 1 million years swept the landscape clean and there will never be any remains to be found.

    My Theory will always be circumstantial backed by Common Sense. I am planning to contact the Thor institute if you would be willing to jump on board.? A Circumpolar Drift on a Boat shaped of ice would prove that it could have been done many many times before as civilizations grew and died off long before the Neolithic times.

    I truly think we are on a repeat of what came before several times in the last million years… We may be on our 3rd go around as a species and localities back and forth across the artic as the Ice came and left…

    Question is? does any of your research support this possibility? πŸ™‚ The Migratory patterns of Birds and sea species does for sure… Why not Man?

    Is Stonehenge a Map of this Polar Perspective? Are there others? Looking forward to hearing back from you about this “angle” Derek.

  5. JR Bentley says:

    Calico and Conkling Caverns are suppressed all over the net…even at Ancient Origins. This makes me very suspicious of even you my friend. I do not dispute the Solutrean theory of Stanford but I truly think it was traveled the other way around from “Clovis Lithic” Spain around the artic circle and it may have been the second of third go around in the dispersal of Homo-Genetics around the Globe.

    What say you?

    • dcunningham says:

      Overall you propose a perfectly reasonable theory. The problem is getting any archaeologist in the US to dig below the 14,000 year level in any archaeological site.

      When people are programmed to know that there is nothing to find below that layer….they are not going to spend time and money going any deeper.

      My view is recreating the trip would not really serve any purpose. It is already known that people can walk to the north pole and back again. So people could have walked all the way across the pole……

      The primary thing you need is evidence and a way to test the idea. So far the earliest data I have is 500,000 year old engraved shells with linear patterns etched on them. The group holding the sample however refuse to take a picture of the shell at an angle where all the lines appear linear….so I cannot analyse the geometric angles….The next oldest sample at 400,000 years old is the Bilzingsleben Bone and is the oldest sample fully analysed. But even there the group holding the sample refuse to give me permission to use a photograph of the sample in my papers, so I had to use a drawing…..

      The location where the shell was found appears important in terms of the astronomical map, and the oldest ochre mines all appear to be linked to key positions marked by the proposed astronomical map…and the increase in brain size in the regions to do with pattern recognition and navigation occurred circa 450,000 years ago.

      • JR Bentley says:

        Thank you so much for your time to reply and your Patience Dr. Cunningham. I have a comprehensive reply to share with you but have been in a state of Emergency Damage Control Due to my 81 yr old Father getting on the Phone to “Handle things” himself. I would truly like to continue exploring this more ASAP. Thanks…

  6. JR Bentley says:

    “The problem is getting any archaeologist in the US to dig below the 14,000 year level in any archaeological site.”
    This is an understatement. One of my very good Friends who is an Archeologist for the National Park Service often says…the old ones with the hard headed theories need to run out their time and have no more influence on this Field of Science. Yet he still will not entertain the idea that there just might be something just a bit deeper…

    The Glacial and Interglacial previous to the “Last Ice Age” contained an unusual extended warm period event of Cycling back to the warmer temps. This would have created conditions that might have made it impassable by foot, Crevasses and such as barriers. But it would have created much more water to Navigate around the Cap for those who knew how to float.

    Have you had a chance to take a look at Ivar Nielsen’s work? It leans quite a bit towards both your work and my theory. It is intriguing if you get a chance…

    This is what I got back the Thor Heyerdahl Institute, I thought it might be a great way for them to rally together the Scandinavian Culture and maybe raise some additional funds for the Institute as a whole. The Media recognition would have been fantastic for a Voyage like this just like it was for Ra I and Ra II ! I wasn’t asking for funds… just suggesting a way that they might procure some for themselves and prove that it could indeed be done by their own Ancestors 400,000 years ago.

    “The Thor Heyerdahl Institute is mainly working with projects within its aim. We very seldom have money to use on other projects than over own.”

    I will write them back and explain… lol

    Again thank you for your patience and time to reply Derek. It really is much appreciated!


  7. B Mahoney says:

    Ralph Ellis in his books connected Egypt to Scotland, specifically Scota. I found yoir book to flesh out his theories nicely.

  8. Ronald Mitchell says:

    Derek Cunningham should read Gavin Menzies book 1434.

  9. Jim says:

    There is a ‘cave’ in the Caha Mountains of West Cork with hundreds of ‘linear’ scribings (the Irish placename for the structure is the Cave of the Writings/Scribings).
    An archaeologist to whom I sent photos, dismissed the site as a hoax.

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