Midnight Science Journal is a registered Science Journal ISSN 2160-0201, published by Science Observer. It is now in its first year of operations and has already became the world’s leading online journal for Archaeoastronomy and Anthropology.

There are two versions of Midnight Science. The Kindle book version of Midnight Science is used as the final print version of the journal, and requires a one time payment to place an advert permanently in the journal. Any advert placed on the Kindle book version will also be published, for no other additional fee, on the free online version. Volume 1 of Midnight Science will be published in Kindle format in April 2012.

If a permanent advertisement is not required, a monthly ad-plan is available. The monthly plan is only for the free online version of Midnight Science. Monthly advertisements cannot be placed on the Kindle book version of the journal.

For both plans, advertisers can select the paper and volume they wish their advertisements to be placed beside.

Advertisers should contact for further information.

Simulation Works, LLC helps manage this site and assist with publishing.


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